Thursday, April 11, 2013

Become a Curator of the Fine Art of Marketing.

You know the feeling. You see an ad, or a commercial, or a FaceBook post and you say "SWEET!".  It connected. It spoke to you. That is the essence of great marketing. You have to know your audience well enough to know what will strike that chord within them, get a response as close to "SWEET!" as possible.

It's easier than it seems. Like any other "study" it takes a little time but it is so worth it in terms of building business relationships.

1) Start Collecting. Think about how marketing is "hitting" you. Start a notebook section with marketing that works for you. Anything that can't be printed, you can just make a few notes about what the item was and what made it work for you. (You may want to collect a few bad examples just to remind yourself of the pitfalls, but, no matter how funny/tragic it is, don't get too distracted.)

2) Analyze. When you have a little stack, ask yourself a few questions. Are there any similar threads running through the marketing that is working for you? What captured your attention? What was it that made you keep watching/reading? Did they give you enough information to establish their case?

3) Sharpen Your Focus. Now home in on your marketplace. Look at your clients' advertising, brochures etc. Look at your competitors' marketing. How are they doing? Is there anything in their marketing that can spur some ideas for yours?

4) Face the Truth. Take a close look at your marketing  – from the way your customers are greeted to the advertising/brochures, to the stage you prepare for your presentations – whether it is a pocket folder or an elaborate trade show exhibit. How are you doing? Are you grabbing their attention? Are you leading them through your pitch in a logical progression? Are you answering the questions your potential customers need answered in order to choose you?

5) Repeat. Go back over these steps. Collect, analyze, focus and tell yourself the truth about what you are doing. The closer to get to your marketing, the better the results. You know your business. Make sure it shows.

You may finish a brochure, or a website, or a campaign ... but your marketing is never done. It has to be a vibrant, dynamic part of your sales plan if you want to succeed.

If you have a great product or service, become a great advocate for it. Get the right help to express your advantages in a positive, informative way.

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